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Rose Colours And What They Mean

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, we all know that red roses mean lurvvvve but what about all the other equally gorgeous roses you can choose from. We asked our chief flower guru, Natalie, from Bud Naked Flowers on the fab Sunshine Coast to give us the down low on the rose colours and what they mean.

Rose History

Like many of our most popular traditions such as decorating Christmas trees, Valentines Day, Easter eggs and white wedding dresses the Victorian era was responsible for associating rose colours with symbolism. Which leaves us with very little excuse not to send roses for just about any reason.

Colour by numbers 

The French can have a slightly different take on the symbolism and interestingly, also put a lot of significance into not only the rose colour but the number of buds in a bunch. Given 10 roses recently – means you are perfect! 12 roses – be mine. Lucky 13 – secret admirer.

Yellow Roses: Interestingly during the Victorian period they actually symbolised jealousy. However, we now believe the yellow roses should be the official flower of the Sunshine Coast as they just epitomise Sunshine and friendliness.! Exactly what the Coast is known for. They are also the perfect colour to say, ‘I am sorry’.

Pink Roses: OK so pink roses are a little more complicated in that light roses have a different meaning to deeper fuschia pink roses. Pale pink roses, along with being incredibly pretty, mean sweetness, elegance, and grace.

Deeper pink roses are perfect when offering congratulations and thankfulness. Either way, pink roses are a safe bet when extending friendship or starting a relationship. Did we mention how pretty how they are?

Orange Roses: Perhaps the most romantic of all rose colours, the striking orange rose is symbolic with desire and attraction. Very on trend at the moment, they can look gorgeous in a wedding bouquet with creams and pinks. They actually make a much better choice for Valentine’s Day than red roses!

White Roses: Traditionally the most religious of all roses, the white rose means purity, loyalty, unity, and innocence. This is no doubt the reason it is such a popular and timeless flower at weddings.

Rosebuds in any colour can symbolise youth, beauty, and innocence.

No matter which colour you choose to give someone, roses are a beautiful gift at any time of the year. Especially Bud Naked style.